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Malachi 2:17-3,4

The people continue to question God. The coming Messiah is proclaimed and a warning is given.

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Malachi 1-2:1-16

God reminds Israel that He loves them. A rebuke because of pollution and corruption done.

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Zechariah 12-14

The Lord will deliver His People. He will restore and bring Peace. Those who fight against will be destroyed.

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Zechariah 10-11

Zechariah reminds the nation what God will do for them. Destruction is coming and warning given.

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Zechariah 8-9

God's answer to the question about fasting. Beginning of new apocalyptic visions.  

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Zechariah 6-7

Conclusion of night visions and beginning of a new section with a question about fasting. 

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Zechariah 4-5

Zechariah receives 3 more visions. God reminds them that it's not by might nor power but His Spirit.

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Zechariah 2-3

There are 2 more visions, one about the measuring line and one about the High Priest - Jesus is coming.

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Zechariah 1

Zechariah calls the children of Israel to repentance. Encourages them that God is their midst. First vision.

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Habakkuk 2-3

God answers Habakkuk. The just shall live by faith. And a song of praise by Habakkuk ends the book.

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Zephaniah 3 - Habakkuk 1

Zephaniah closes with the Joy of God's faithfulness. Habakkuk wrestles with God's plan.

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Zephaniah 1-2

Zephaniah warns about the coming judgement to Judah. A call to repentance

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Nahum declares the coming destruction of Nineveh and the comfort God's people receive.

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Micah 3-5:3

Micah continues his prophecy about coming judgment, restoration and Messiah. 

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Micah 1-2

Introduction to this prophet to the Southern Kingdom of Judah and his long and faithful ministry. 

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Hosea 11-14

We learn why Israel is "prized people" and "pardoned people". Great reminders of God's love. 

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Hosea 8-10

We see why Israel was "punished people" and what were the consequences of their sin.

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Hosea 4-7

Series of indictments against "polluted people". Reasons why they faced judgment and solution.

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Hosea 1-3

Introduction to Hosea and unique calling and life of the prophet. Symbolism behind it. 

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Amos 5-6

Continued prophecy about judgment and prophet's invitation to repentance.

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Amos 3-4

Prophecy about coming judgment on Israel and prophet's invitation to repentance.

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Amos 1-2

Amos, a shepherd from Judah, called to be a prophet to Israel declares judgments on nations

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Jonah 2-4

Our reluctant prophet Jonah has reached Nineveh but things don't go his way...

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Joel 3 & Jonah 1

God will restore Israel. 

Failure of Jonah and his rebellion to God's will. 

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Joel 1-2

Present and coming judgment. Call to repentance so that mercy will be received. 

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Minor Prophets overview and study in Obadiah

Obadiah's warning to Edom about their pride. 

Minor Prophets overview and study of Oba
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