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Ezra 10

Ezra's prayer brings conviction and people are willing to take action in dealing with their sin. 

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Ezra 9

Upon arriving to Jerusalem, Ezra learns of the sin of the people and its leaders. Ezra's prayer. 

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Ezra 8

List of those returning. Challenges on the way and return to Jerusalem.

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Ezra 7

We are introduced to the ministry of Ezra and king's favor upon him and those returning to Judah.

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Ezra 5-6

Prophets Haggai and Zechariah encourage people to rebuild the Temple. 

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Ezra 4

Resistance that the exiles have faced from the time of Zerubbabel to the time of Ezra.

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Ezra 3

Exiles rebuild the altar to worship the Lord and foundation of the Temple is laid. 

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Ezra 1:5-2:70

Favor of God is upon those returning. List of those who have come back. 

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Ezra 1:1-4

God is faithful and He fulfills His promises! God is in control and we should not worry. 

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