Joshua 24:15-33

Joshua holds the people accountable to their word to serve the Lord. God keeps His Promises.

Joshua 23:14-24:15

Joshua warns the people what will happen if they transgress against the Lord and chose whom to serve.

Joshua 23:1-13

Joshua addresses the tribes. He reminds them to remember what the Lord has done. To do His Will.

Joshua 22

Eastern tribes return. They hear of an alter being build and investigate. Love conquers all.

Joshua 21

Levitical cities given, priestly and non-priestly. Cities of refuge shows the Mercy of the Lord towards us all

Joshua 19:10-20:9

More land divided. Joshua receives his inheritance. The Lord appoints cities of refuge. He is our Refuge.

Joshua 18-19:9

More land divided. Simeon is inside of Judah. The church is like a body, all parts and gifts are necessary. 

Joshua 15-17

We have more division of the land. Due to compromise they didn't drive out all inhabitants. 

Joshua 13:8 - Chpt 14
We see the division of the land. The Levites do not get land, their inheritance is the Lord's as is ours.

Joshua 12-13:7

A recap of the kings conquered by Moses and Joshua and the remaining land to be conquered.

Joshua 10:28 - Chpt 11

Joshua conquers the Southern and Northern lands. The Lord gives them victory over the kingdoms.

Joshua 10 - Part 1

Gibeon is being attacked and Joshua prays for the sun to stand still. The Lord is with them in battle.

Joshua 9

Beware of deception. The Hivites came to deceive and Joshua didn't ask counsel of the Lord.

Joshua 8

After sin has been dealt with, the Lord commands Joshua to take all the people to defeat Ai.

Joshua 7

Defeat at Ai and the enemy within. After being warned, Achan's sin affected the whole camp.

Joshua 6
The battle belongs to the Lord. By faith they marched around Jericho. The Lord caused the walls to fall.

Joshua 5

Joshua is commanded to circumcise the men, he obeys. Joshua encounters the Lord.

Joshua 4

Joshua leads the Israelites across the Jordan and they set up memorial stones for their children.

Joshua 3

Joshua is promoted by God to lead the Israelites into the promise land. By faith they enter into the Jordan.

Joshua 1:10-2:24

They receive the command to cross in 3 days. 2 Spies send into the land and Rahab the harlot hides them.

Joshua 1:1-9

Introduction to Joshua. Showing God's faithfulness as His promise is fulfilled. Faith vs fear.