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Acts 28
Paul arrives in Rome!
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Act 27
Paul's turbulent sea voyage to Rome. Trusting God in the midst of difficulties.
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Acts 26
Paul's defense before Agrippa.
Acts 26.mp3
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Acts 25
Paul, Festus and Agrippa.
Acts 25.mp3
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Acts 24
Paul's defense before governor Felix as well his opportunity to share truth about Jesus.
Acts 24.mp3
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Acts 23
Paul before Sanhedrin and plot to kill Paul.
Acts 23.mp3
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Acts 22
Paul's address before the assembly at the temple in Jerusalem.
Acts 22.mp3
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Acts 21
Paul's third missionary journey comes to an end when he is arrested in Jerusalem.
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Acts 20
Paul's third missionary journey and his ministry in Corinth.
Acts 20.mp3
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Acts 19
Paul is in Ephesus and we see a powerful work of God in that city.
Acts 19.mp3
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Acts 18
Paul's third missionary journey and his ministry in Corinth.
Acts 18.mp3
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Acts 17
Second missionary journey. Paul continues to preach the gospel and to establish churches in Greece.
Acts 17.mp3
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Acts 16
Paul's second missionary journey. The gospel reaches Europe!
Acts 16.mp3
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Acts 15
First Church Council. How did the early Church react when the accusation was made that the gospel preached by Apostle Paul and Barnabas to the Gentiles wasn't a true gospel?
Acts 15.mp3
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Acts 14
First missionary journey pt.2. Continuation of following Paul and Barnabas on their first missionary journey and it's conclusion.
Acts 14.mp3
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Acts 13
First missionary journey! God's call to Paul and Barnabas to go and preach the gospel to the Gentile world.
Acts 13.mp3
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Acts 11 & 12
Peter's defense of Gentile believers. Peter's arrest and Herod's violent death.
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Acts 10
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Act 9
Saul's conversion from enemy of Jesus to becoming servant of Jesus.
Acts 9.mp3
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Acts 8
Acts of the Holy Spirit through Philip in Samaria and his reaching Ethiopian eunuch with the gospel.
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Acts 6 & 7
Choosing of the seven and Stephen's powerful message and martyrdom.
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Acts 5
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Acts 4
Apostles Peter and John arrested and their stand for Jesus.
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Acts 3
Work of the Holy Spirit through Apostles Peter and John by healing and preaching to thousands.
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Acts 2
The Church is born on the day of Pentecost and we learn about three works of the Holy Spirit.
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Acts 1
Jesus' ascension into Heaven, and the eleven choose the the man who will replace Judas Iscariot.
Acts 1.mp3
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