The early church asks if gentiles can be saved through observance of the Mosaic law, but it is by faith.

Paul and Barnabas preach the gospel and are violently persecuted, they don't quit!

Paul preaches the gospel using old testament scripture and fulfillment of it through the life of Jesus

The Holy Spirit empowers the mission of the Gospel, Saul and Barnabas begin their first journey.

Peter is saved from his execution by the angel of the Lord and Herod faces his own death. 

After the first Christians are scattered, fearing persecution, the church of Antioch is formed.

The Gospel is for everyone. Gentiles receive the Word and the Spirit, and Christian Jews praise God for it.

 God offers salvation to all who would believe, to the Jews and to the Gentiles.

Peter lodges with a tanner in Joppa and has a vision revealing what is clean or unclean.

Peter performs healing miracles in Jesus' name and gives all the glory to God.

Acts 8 part 3

We see the difference between Simon the magician and the Ethiopian eunuch's conversion.

Acts 8 part 2

The gospel begins to spread, Simon the Magician sees the true power of the Holy Spirit.

Acts 8

Saul is present at the stoning of Stephen, persecuting the early church before his conversion.

Acts 7

Stephen preaches the gospel using the old testament, he becomes the first documented Christian martyr.

Acts 6

Following Jesus will cost you, you will be persecuted. But Jesus will be with you always.

Acts 5

The apostles are beaten and warned not to preach Jesus, but they consider it a joy!

Acts 4

We observe the transformative power of the Holy Spirit in the disciples lives, and our own.

Acts 3

We see the healing power of the Holy Spirit and observe 3 points: Pattern, Promise, and Present.

Acts 2:42-47

One of the first acts of the Holy Spirit was the sermon by Peter on tongues with many saved.

Acts 2:14-41

Peter quotes from Joel and shows fulfilled prophecy of the Old Testament.

Acts 2:1-13

We see the birth of the church age and the gifting of the Holy Spirit in the form of foreign tongues.

Acts 1:10-26

We continue in Acts and learn of the ascension of Jesus and the replacement of Judas.

Acts 1:1-9

We review the ending of Luke's gospel as it leads to Acts and the promise of the Holy Spirit.