Daniel 9:20-27

Daniel's prayer is answered and receives revelation on the 70 week prophecy. 69 have been fulfilled.

Daniel 9:4-19

Fervent prayer of Daniel was inspired by the Word of God and Daniel's commitment to his people.

Daniel 8:13-9:3

We learn more about the "little horn" in this vision. We also talk about prayer. 

Daniel 8 pt.1

In this chapter Daniel has a vision of a ram and a goat which represent two coming kingdoms.

Daniel 7 Pt 2

Great biblical prophecies in this chapter. We see the 4 kingdoms, God's Kingdom is still to come.

Daniel 7 Pt 1

An overview, this is where prophecy starts. The beast corresponds with the statue in chpt 2, 4 kingdoms.

Daniel 6

King Darius is tricked to make a decree, Daniel however is faithful to God and ends up in the lion's den.

Daniel 5

King Belshazzar defiles the vessels and his days are numbered. Writing on the wall, Daniel interprets.

Daniel 4

The king has another dream, Daniel interprets. Repent from pride, the Lord humbles the proud.

Daniel 3

The king demands worship of the image but Daniels 3 friends refuse. The Lord is with them and protects

Daniel 2

The king has a troubling dream and no man can reveal. God through Daniel brings revelation.

Daniel 1:8-21

Daniel and his 3 friends honored the Lord their God and He gave them knowledge and wisdom.

Daniel 1:1-8

Introduction to Daniel. He was a young man who purposed in his heart to not defile himself.